Indonesia: Support Letter for Ms. Veronica Koman | Joint Letter

Full PDF (ENG) Veronica Koman, human rights lawyer LRWC and L4L sent a joint letter calling on Indonesian authorities to withdraw criminal charges against human rights lawyer Veronica Koman, charged for disseminating information about police violence against Papuan students peacefully … [Read more...]

Indonesia: Pursue Investigation of Maltreatment and Ensure Protection of Mr. Alldo Felix Januardy | Joint Letter

Full PDF Version Lawyers for Lawyers and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada write to express their concern about the termination of investigation of the maltreatement of Mr. Alldo Fellix Januardy (Pretrial Case Number 04/Pid.Prap/2018/PN.JKT.SEL). Alldo Fellix Januardy is an independent public … [Read more...]

Tigor Gempita Hutapea and Obed Sakti Andre Dominika: RELEASED 22/11/2016

[Read more...]

Indonesia: Attack on Lawyer Asrul Azis Sigalingging | Letter

Full PDF Version Mr. Joko Widodo President of the Republic of Indonesia Jl. Veteran No. 16 JAKARTA Pusat INDONESIA E-mail: Amsterdam, 25 May 2016 Subject: Attack on lawyer Asrul Azis Sigalingging Your Excellency, Lawyers for Lawyers (L4L) is an independent … [Read more...]

Indonesia: Maltreatment of Alldo Fellix Januardy | Letter

Full PDF Version Subject: Maltreatment of Alldo Fellix Januardy Dear Sir, Lawyers for Lawyers is an independent and non-political Dutch foundation that seeks to promote the proper functioning of the rule of law by pursuing freedom and independence of the legal profession. … [Read more...]

Indonesia: Drop Persecution and Release Lawyers Tigor Gempita Hutapea and Obed Sakti Andre Dominika

Full PDF Version BY AIRMAIL Advocate General Drs. H. Muhammad Prasetyo, SH MH Advocate General Office Jl. Panglima Polim Raya South Jakarta, INDONESIA Amsterdam, 4 April 2016 Subject: Lawyers Tigor Gempita Hutapea and Obed Sakti Andre Dominika Dear Sir, Lawyers for Lawyers … [Read more...]

Southeast Asia: Systematic violations of the internationally protected rights of Rohingya and other migrants is costing lives and must be stopped | Statement

| full pdf version | | Open Letter to Other States | Letter to Australia | Letter to Canada | Statement 26 May 2015 Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) is a committee of lawyers who promote human rights and the rule of law through advocacy, education and research. LRWC is an NGO in … [Read more...]

Indonesia: Threats against Lawyers: Mr. Gustaf Kawer and Ms. Latifah Anum Siregar | Letter

Full PDF Version In this letter, LRWC requests that all authorities comply with the ICCPR and other international human rights law obligations including the Basic Principles and Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and call on the Government of Indonesia to: take all necessary … [Read more...]

Indonesia: Criminal Investigation of Gustaf Kawer | Letter

Full PDF Version … [Read more...]

Civil Society Denounces Adoption of Flawed ASEAN Human Rights Declaration: AHRD falls far below international standards

On 19 November 2012, Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) joined a statement by a group of NGOs raising deep concerns about the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration adopted by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) on 18 November 2012. The NGOs stated: "We will not use it in our work as groups … [Read more...]