LRWC webinar series

LRWC held a webinar on International Human Rights Day, 10 December 2020. The webinar provided an introductory overview of the UN Human Rights System. Speakers included Marcia Kran, a member of the UN Human Rights Committee, Harini Sivalingum, an LRWC member, and Catherine Morris, LRWC’s Executive Director. See more.


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LRWC Report: The Right to know Our Rights

This portal page has links to information on international human rights law, including videos, podcasts, power point presentations, papers, and links to international human rights treaties and other instruments. There are also links to selected international human rights organizations. All materials produced by LRWC may be used free of charge with appropriate acknowledgements. Copies of print, audio, and video materials can be obtained from LRWC for a fee.

LRWC conducts legal research, engages in public education, and produces written, audio, and video materials about international human rights laws and issues with particular attention to advocacy rights and the independence and security of lawyers and other human rights defenders. LRWC materials identify duties to ensure universal enjoyment of internationally protected rights through implementation and enforcement of international human rights law and through international human rights education.

 LRWC Guidebook: The Right to know Our Rights, 2012

Human Rights Education integral to the realization of human rights: Oral Statement to the 20th Session of the Human Rights Council, June 2012