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Lawyer Romeo Monterrosa and his family have received a string of death threats, and suffered intimidation, believed to be linked to his work defending peasant farmers against powerful landowners. Amnesty International believes they are in grave danger. Romeo Monterrosa is representing the human … [Read more...]

Guatemala: Romeo Monterrosa Orellana, lawyer

Re: Romeo Monterrosa Orellana, lawyer To: Fiscal General de la Republica y Jefe del Ministerio Publico From: Brenda J. Wemp Date: 2005-10-25 LRWC está muy preocupada por la seguridad del abogado Romeo Monterrosa Orellana y miembros de su familia. LRWC ha recibido información que en … [Read more...]


ABOUT THE MYRNA MACK CASE Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang, a Guatemalan anthropologist investigating military atrocities in rural indigenous communities, was stabbed to death 27 times outside her office on September 11, 1990. According to Amnesty International, her murder occurred after the … [Read more...]

Guatemala: Bishop Gerardi case

ABOUT THE BISHOP GERARDI CASE On April 26, 1998, the founder of the Guatemalan Archdioceses' Office of Human Rights (ODHA) was murdered in the garage of San Sebastian Church in Antigua, the capital of Guatemala. Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedara's body was found next to his car in a pool of blood. Two … [Read more...]

Leonel Rivero Rodriguez, Lawyer

Re: Leonel Rivero Rodriguez, Lawyer To: Mtro. Bernardo Batiz Vazquez, Procurador General del Distrito Federal From: Monique Pongracic-Speier, Mexico monitor, Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada Date: 2005-04-04 LRWC is deeply concerned about human rights lawyer Leonel Rivero Rodriguez. Mr. … [Read more...]

Armando Sanchez, Lawyer

Re: Armando Sanchez, Lawyer To: Minister of teh Interior and National Civilian Police From: Brenda J. Wemp, Member of LRWC Date: 2005-01-11 Según nuestra información, el 23 de diciembre 2004 abogado Sánchez recibió una amenaza de muerte, en lo que parece ser un intento de obligarlo a no … [Read more...]

Edda Gaviola

Re: Edda Gaviola To: President de la Republica de Guatemala From: James P. Tate, Esq. Date: 2004-08-31 Further to my letter of July 29, 2004 I have learned that there have been further serious threats to staff members of Centro para Accion Legal en Derechos Humanos (CALDH) and a witness … [Read more...]

Edda Gaviola and other members of CALDH

Re: Edda Gaviola and other members of CALDH To: Licenciado Oscar Berger Perdom, Presidente de la República de Guatemala From: James P. Tate, Esq. Date: 2004-07-29 LRWC has recently become aware of acts of intimidation targeting staff members of the Guatemalan organization, Centro para … [Read more...]

Edda Gaviola and other members of CALDH–Human rights defenders

On 14 July 2004, the home of Edda Gaviola, director of the Centro para Acción Legal en Derechos Humanos (CALDH), the Centre for Human Rights Legal Action, was broken into. Nothing was stolen, but intimidating messages were left. The following day Edda Gaviola returned home accompanied by United … [Read more...]

Guatemala: Maria Isabel Escobar and staff at Donde Están Los Niños y Las Niñas?| Letter

Staff and members of the non-governmental organization Donde están los niños y las niñas? (Where Are The Children?) have been facing increasing threats and violence in recent months. It is feared the increases intimidation are an attempt to prevent the organization from continuing its work … [Read more...]