Edda Gaviola

Re: Edda Gaviola

To: President de la Republica de Guatemala

From: James P. Tate, Esq.

Date: 2004-08-31

Further to my letter of July 29, 2004 I have learned that there have been further serious threats to staff members of Centro para Accion Legal en Derechos Humanos (CALDH) and a witness to the Plan de Sanchez massacre.

On August 1, 2004 a death threat was made against CALDH spokesperson Miguel Angel Albizures and other CALDH staff in the CALDH regional office in Rabinal. A handwritten note was left at the CALDH office in Rabinal and threatened the same witness to the Plan de Sanchez massacre who had been earlier threatened on July 17, 2004. The note also threatened Mr. Albizures and other CALDH staff.

In my letter of July 29, 2004 I also called for an investigation into the home invasions perpetrated against CALDH Director Ms. Edda Gaviola in July. I have learned that acts of intimidation have continued against Ms. Gaviola. Ms Gaviola has been followed by cars with tinted windows. Another CALDH staff member has also reported seeing cars with tinted windows driving past her house repeatedly and CALDH staff report seeing other unidentified men observing the CALDH offices in Guatemala City. On July 30, 2004 anonymous phone calls were made to CALDH claiming that a bomb had been planted in the office.

I am deeply concerned about the level of police protection being provided to CALDH staff and witnesses to the Plan de Sanchez massacre. Police have not provided consistent protection and have so far ignored the vehicles which appear to be keeping CALDH staff and offices under surveillance.

I again call upon you to provide meaningful protection to CALDH members. The current level of protection is clearly not adequate. I further call upon you to guarantee the safety of the witness to the Plan de Sanchez massacre.

Finally could you please inform us as to the progress of your investigation into the ongoing threats to CALDH members, including the investigation of those incidents I referred to in my previous letter, the most recent death threat received in Rabinal on August 1, 2004 and the other acts of harassment against CALDH members.

I look forward to hearing from you.