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In 2021, celebrate the work of human rights lawyers and defenders by joining or donating to LRWC.

LRWC membership fees and donations ensure needed support for our volunteers’ research, educational activities, and advocacy for lawyers and other human rights defenders in danger. To ensure independence, LRWC does not accept government funding and relies on individual memberships and donations. LRWC has no paid Executive Director or full-time support staff. Membership fees and donations may be paid to Lawyers’ Rights Watch (Legal Research) Canada and are tax deductible.

Examples of the work LRWC undertakes are:


Building knowledge of international human rights

  • Quarterly Newsletters. The Autumn 2021 edition of LRWC’s ACTION NEWS features summaries and links to LRWC’s recent research and advocacy for defenders and the rule of law around the world. See LRWC’s 2020 Annual Report for summaries of LRWC actions in 21 countries.
  • Regular articles in prominent Canadian legal magazines to raise awareness about the LRWC’s work on the dire situation of jurists and defenders, e.g, articles on the human rights crisis in Afghanistan, United States harassment of the International Criminal Court, lack of international remedies for atrocity crimes in Myanmar, and an article on human rights and China.
  • Publication of LRWC’s resource manual, The Right to Counsel: A Guide to International Law Rights to Legal Assistance and Representation, published in 2021, free to download.

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