Persecution of lawyers and defenders in China’s legal system

The “two Michaels” and Celil: Windows into China’s legal gulag,”  written by LRWC’s transitional Executive Director, Catherine Morris, has now been published at, Canada’s online legal magazine.


The “two Michaels,” Kovrig and Spavor, are not the only Canadians who have been unjustly imprisoned in China. Another Canadian, Huseyin Celil, has been jailed in China since 2006 on specious “terrorism” charges for peacefully advocating the rights of Uyghur people. These cases provide windows into the morass of everyday violations against Chinese human rights advocates ensnared within China’s legal system. They also provide glimpses into some of the ways China flexes its international muscles to sustain its impunity for rights violations, including atrocity crimes.

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