United Nations Guidance Note: Protection and Promotion of Civic Space | Welcome Development
Turkey: Lawyers Levent Pişkin, Cahit Kırkazak and Ayşe Batumlu acquitted | Welcome developments
Iran: Temporary release of human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh | Welcome Developments
Thailand’s SLAPP suits against defenders: One acquittal and one case dropped | Update
Turkey: Lawyer Aytaç Ünsal ends hunger strike after Supreme Court releases him from prison | Update
Canada: Federal Court invalidates Canada-US Safe Third Country Agreement saying its impact “shocks the conscience” | Update
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Welcome  developments after LRWC  advocacy, research or education

Thailand: 14 migrant worker acquitted of criminal defamation and other charges | News

Photo Credit: Human Rights Watch 11 July 2018 14 migrant workers employed by the Thammakaset Co. Ltd. chicken farm were acquitted of criminal defamation and other charges based on the workers reporting human and labour rights abuses against chicken farm workers. The Don Muang … [Read more...]

Turkey: Mustafa Aydin Released | News

Mustafa Aydin (Turkish lawyer) with his family Lawyer Mustafa Aydin, detained without trial or judicial oversight since 16 August 2016 and suffering from untreated prostate cancer, was released from prison today. LRWC called for his immediate release in letters (Brian Samuels) sent l27 April … [Read more...]

Canada: A Big Win for Equality and Non-discrimination (& LRWC) at the Supreme Court of Canada | News

Supreme Court of Canada Photo Credit: Adrian Lee The Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the appeal in Trinity Western University v Law Society of Upper Canada and allowed the appeal in Law Society of BC v Trinity Western University The Supreme Court of Canada ruled on 15 June 2018 that the … [Read more...]

Vietnam: On 7 June 2018 Nguyen Van Dai and his colleague Le Thu Ha were released from prison in Viet Nam and exiled to Germany | News

Nguyen Van Dai (human rights advocate) with his wife and Le Thu Ha (human rights advocate) Photo Credit: Viet Tan Nguyen Van Dai has been detained since 18 December 2015 for his human rights advocacy. In April 2018, both Nguyen Van Dai and Le Thu Ha were found guilty of “carrying out … [Read more...]

Thailand: Appeal Court reverses criminal defamation conviction against human rights defender Andy Hall | News

Read the full story HERE. Andy Hall, British human rights defender Photo Credit: Bangkok OHCHR On 31 May 2018, Thailand’s Appeals Court reversed the September 2016 conviction of Andy Hall, a British human rights defender, on criminal defamation charges and offences under the Computer … [Read more...]

Sudan: Over 50 Critics Released Without Charge

Omar Al Bashir, President of Sudan Photo Credit: Human Rights Watch The government of Sudan released 56 opposition party members and human rights defenders without charge on 10 April 2018. Those released include Omer Yousef El Digair, the chairperson of the Sudanese Congress Party (SCP), … [Read more...]

Turkey: Istar Gozaydin Acquitted of All Charges | 31 January 2018

[Read more...]

China: Son of Detained Rights Lawyers Arrives in Australia After Battle to Leave China | News

This post originally appeared at https://defendlawyers.wordpress.com/2018/01/19/china-son-of-detained-rights-lawyers-arrives-in-australia-after-battle-to-leave-china/ The son of top human rights lawyer Wang Yu and her legal activist husband Bao Longjun, detained in a massive nationwide … [Read more...]

Egypt: Lawyer Mahienour el-Massry and trade unionist Moatasem Medhat Acquitted | News

This post first originally posted on https://defendlawyers.wordpress.com/2018/01/14/egypt-breaking-news-mahienour-and-moatasem-acquitted/ Mahienour el-Massry Lawyer Mahienour el-Massry and trade unionist Moatasem Medhat have been acquitted on appeal by a court in Alexandria, the … [Read more...]

France/Canada: French Judge Dismisses Allegations and Releases Hassan Diab from Prison | News

This press release was originally posted on http://www.justiceforhassandiab.org/french-investigative-judges-dismiss-allegations-dr-hassan-diab-set-released-prison-france PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release 12 January 2018, Ottawa – Today, Judges Jean-Marc Herbaut and Richard Foltzer … [Read more...]