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France/Canada: French Judge Dismisses Allegations and Releases Hassan Diab from Prison | News

This press release was originally posted on PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release 12 January 2018, Ottawa – Today, Judges Jean-Marc Herbaut and Richard Foltzer … [Read more...]

France/Canada: Court Blocks Release Order for Dr. Hassan Diab for the Eighth Time, Overturning Bail Decision of November 6 | Press Release

This press release was originally posted on In a deeply disappointing and stunning move, the French Court of Appeal quashed – for the eighth time – a release order for Dr. Hassan Diab. Hassan has been … [Read more...]

France Moulin, Lawyer

Re: France Moulin, Lawyer To: Dominique Perben, Ministere de la Justice President de la Repulblique, Monsieur Jacques Chirac From: Charles B. Davison Date: 2005-05-06 I am writing to you at this time concerning the case of Me. France Moulin, a lawyer who has been imprisoned since … [Read more...]