Access to Justice: Defending Defenders and Truth-Tellers is Fundamental to the Rule of Law | Article in The Advocate November 2021

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Afghanistan | Canada | China | Myanmar | The Philippines


Originally published in The Advocate 79(6)(November 2021): 869-73.

By Catherine Morris

Equality of access to independent and impartial remedies for injustices is fundamental to international law understandings of the rule of law. Equal access to justice requires the independence of judges and lawyers, integrity of legal systems, recognition of the right to legal aid,and laws that respect and implement international human rights law. Attacks on lawyers and human rights defenders have the effect of denying clients their internationally protected right to independent, effective legal representation and fair trials. Since LRWC’s last report in the Advocate in May 2021, LRWC has intervened in a number of situations, including (in alphabetical order) Afghanistan, Canada, China, Myanmar and the Philippines. …. Read the full .pdf article.