Bahrain: Update on the Letter of Allegation of 15 December 2013 Concerning the Detention of Mohammed Hassan, Hussain Hubail, and Qassim Zain Aldeen | Letter

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This letter provides follow-up information to the Letter of Allegation of 15 December 2013 concerning the detention of journalist Mohammed Hassan, photographer Hussain Hubail and cameraman Qassim Zain Aldeen.

The Letter of Allegation respectfully requested that the Special Rapporteurs consider investigating the arrest, detention and torture of Mr Hassan, Mr Hubail, and Mr Zain Aldeen. At the time of the Letter of Allegation, all three men faced trial on charges related to their reporting on recent protests against the government of Bahrain. All three reported that they were subjected to torture while detained in the Criminal Investigation Directorate (“CID”).

Since then, Mr Hubail and Mr Zain Aldeen have remained in detention, whilst Mr Hassan was released on bail at the beginning of October 2013. In addition to providing follow up information regarding each case, this letter also aims at bringing the continued detention of Mr Hubail and Mr Zain Aldeen to the attention of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.