UN Human Rights Council: Cambodia: Fulfil treaty promises with action to uphold rights of dissidents and defenders

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Organization:   Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada
Item:    Item 10: Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Cambodia
Date:   29 March 2021
Speaker: Catherine Morris

Oral Statement to the 49th Session of the UN Human Rights Council from Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC), NGO in special consultative status

Cambodia: Fulfil treaty promises with action to uphold rights of dissidents and defenders

Mr. President,

Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada thanks the Special Rapporteur for his report.

This month Cambodia told this Council that its ratification of almost all core human rights conventions shows the importance it attaches to human rights.[1] Cambodia’s reality differs from its treaty promises.

Cambodia says it holds “human rights at the core,”[2] pointing to its COVID-19 vaccination record. Yet the government deploys pandemic laws to increase its control, weaken its accountability, and violate rights.3i] The pandemic also reveals growing inequality fueled by corruption that is abetted by a government-controlled judiciary. [4]

Despite decades of advice by UN bodies, Cambodia’s government pursues ever more control, misusing laws and courts to quash and criminalize peaceful dissent. Political opposition leaders and human rights defenders face spurious charges, inadequate legal representation, unfair mass trials, and arbitrary detention.[5]

Cambodia claims to be a multi-party democracy; in reality it has been a de facto one-party State since its ungenuine 2018 National Election.[6] The June 2022 commune elections and the 2023 National Election are now looming. The National Election Commission’s promise of transparent, fair elections[7] seems doubtful.

We urge the Council to insist on Cambodia’s genuine fulfilment of its treaty obligations, including fair elections[7] and true respect for the rights of dissenters and defenders.

Thank you.


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