Sudan: Arbitrary Arrest, Detention and Prosecution of Human Rights Defender Adil Bakheit | Letter

Mr. Adil Bakheit, member of the Board of Trustees of the Sudan Human Rights Monitor, was arrested 16 April 2015 for interrogation about his communications with TRACKS and subsequently charged.  LRWC sent a letter calling for his release and withdrawal of all charges on 6 May 2015. Bakheit was granted pre-trial release on 6 May 2015 and is still in the trial process.

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The purpose of this correspondence is to request that Sudan immediately and unconditionally release Adil Bakheit and that pending his release, ensure that he is not tortured or otherwise ill- treated, or put at risk of death and that he is given prompt access to adequate medical care.

LRWC shares the opinion of Amnesty International that Mr. Adil Bakheit has been targeted with arrest and prosecution “solely for his work in human rights and that this is part of the overall pattern of suppression and harassment of human rights activists in Sudan that the organisation has been documenting.”