Statement re: Failure to provide Kurdish translators in ongoing trial of 46 lawyers in Turkey

On November 6, 2012, LRWC and numerous other NGOs released a statement regarding the ongoing trial of 46 Kurdish lawyers in Turkey, which commenced in July 2012. The contributors to the statement expressed grave concern over the Court’s continuing refusal to provide Kurdish language translators for the accused. In protest of the Court’s violation of the accuseds’ right to use their mother tongue, hundreds of Kurdish prisoners have joined in hunger strikes, as have thousands of political prisoners. Lawyers for the Kurdish accused have joined in protest of the decision by walking out of court.

In addition to concerns about the provision of translators, contributors to the statement also expressed concern over: (1) the lack of access that counsel have had with their clients; (2) the inability of the accuseds’ families to attend the trial due to space limitations; (3) the short length of the trial; (4) the refusal of the Court to allow the accused to speak in Kurdish; and (5) the lengthy adjournments that have occurred, thus prolonging the custody of the accused. To view the statement, please click here.