Samuel Alfonso Castellanos Pinon; Beatriz Casas Arellanes; and others

Re: Samuel Alfonso Castellanos Pinon; Beatriz Casas Arellanes; and others

To: Maestro Ricardo J. Sepulveda Iguiniz, Director of Human Rights, Interior Ministry

From: Dr. Brian Donovan

Date: 2003-09-07

We are grateful for your July 30, 2003 reply to my letter of March 9, 2003 relative to death threats and intimidation against the above-noted individuals and other members of Accion de los Christianos para la Abolicion de la Tortura (ACAT) and Organizacion Indigena de Derechos Humanos de Oaxaca (OIDHO).

Your letter indicates that you have made inquiries into this matter addressed to the Secretary of Government of Oaxaca and the Office of the General Prosecutor of that State. We are following this matter closely, and would like to know whether you have received the information you requested and what that information was.

In particular, have the perpetrators of the crimes committed against ACAT and OIDHO members been identified, and if they have, when do you anticipate that appropriate charges against them will be brought?

In the mean time, we continue our request that you use the influence of your office to insure the safety of ACAT and OIDHO members and to bring this pattern of death threats and intimidation to an end.

The courtesy of your response would be appreciated.