Nepal: RAM CHANDRA GIRI – Lawyer

Mr. Ram Chandra Giri is a lawyer working with Advocacy Forum, a legal aid organization in Nepal. Torture has been a longstanding concern in Nepal and is reported almost daily.

Mr. Ram Chandra Giri reports having experienced intimidation by police commencing on May 15 2003 while he was visiting three prisoners: Deepak Laya Magar (arrested for attempted murder), Ram Kumar Karki and Jairam Bhandari (both arrested for theft). The prisoners appeared to have been tortured and in need of medical treatment. A Sub-Inspector named Resham Parajuli is reported to have told Mr. Giri that criminals deserved to be tortured and to have blamed Advocacy Forum for providing legal aid and medical services to criminals, and intimidated Mr. Giri. Reports indicate that police in Nepal have justified torturing prisoners and have failed to obtain medical treatment for prisoners.


Update-June 26, 2003

LRWC received a reply from Christopher M. Considine, Canadian Consul General for the government of Nepal, who expressed concerned about the case.