Bangladesh: RABINDRA GHOSH – Lawyer

Mr. Rabindra Ghosh, a Lawyer in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has experienced harassment, threats and physical abuse occasioned, in the opinion of Amnesty International, on his political orientation, his Hindu religious identity and his advocacy for stronger government measures to protect members of the Hindu minority who experienced attacks and rape following the general elections of October 2001. On July 1, 2002 there was an alleged physical assault on Mr. Ghosh and illegal confiscation of his personal property at a Bar Association meeting.

LRWC asked for information and assurances from the government of Bangladesh. Information sought included information on measures being taken to: ensure that Mr. Rabindra’s personal freedom is secured, that his freedom to practice law is ensured, and that he is protected from further threats and attacks what kind of police investigation has taken place of the alleged assault and illegal confiscation of his property,ensure that police and government officials act (and be perceived to act) in an impartial manner and politically non-partisan manner so as to demonstrate commitment to implementing the laws of Bangladesh and the international conventions to which it is a state party, address the systemic corruption that has been widely documented within the police and government departments related to the justice system.

LRWC expressed the hope that the Bangladesh government’s stated commitments to legal reforms, (Bangladesh recently acceded to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)) will be demonstrated at all levels by ensuring that the laws of Bangladesh and all international conventions are fully observed and that all citizens receive the benefit of the law regardless of political views or ethnic or religious identity.(Catherine Morris)