On February 24 2003, Qasem Sho’leh Sa’di , a lawyer and political science professor at Tehran University, was arrested on his return to Iran after a visit to France. Qasem Sho’leh Sa’di published an open letter addressed to the Leader of Iran on December 6 2002. The letter, which respectfully questioned the basis of the Leader’s position and criticized a range of the Leader’s policies, was published on the writer’s own website. Amnesty international fears that Mr. Sa’di, whose lawyer was not permitted to meet him, may be facing torture or ill treatment in incommunicado detention.

LRWC is concerned for the whereabouts and wellbeing of Qasem Sho’leh Sa’di. A letter from LRWC was sent to the government of Iran, urging the judiciary to grant the family and lawyer of Mr. Sa’di immediate access to him, in accordance with the Constitution of Iran and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) to which Iran is a state party. LRWC also requested urgent clarification of the charges against Mr. Sa’di and called for his immediate and unconditional release if he had not been charged with any internationally recognized criminal offences.

Up-date According to a April 2nd Iran Press Service press release, Qasem Sho’leh Sa’di was released after spending over a month in jail. As of August 5th 2003, LRWC had not received a response from the Iranian government or any other information.