On October 6, 2004 the body of Pedro Jaime Mosquera was found in Arauca. His body showed signs of torture. Mr. Mosquera’s union, FENSUAGRO, which represents farmers, believes the Colombian government is behind the killing.

This murder is the latest in a string of recent killings of union leaders in Arauca. On August 5, 2004, an eyewitness reported union leaders Leonel Goyeneche, Jorge Prieto Chamucero and Hector Alirio Martinez were all executed by the Colombian Army in Arauca. Two other unionists, Samuel Morales Florez and Maria Raquel Castro were also detained. The Colombian Army claims the men were killed in fighting with guerrillas. To date, 29 trade unionists have been killed in Colombia this year according CUT, Colombia’s largest union.

LRWC is extremely concerned for the safety of trade unionists in Colombia. As in the past LRWC has written officials with the Colombian government requesting more action be taken to protect trade unionists.


Letter Written October 17, 2004 by Heather D. Neun, LL.B, M.Phil, B.A.