Myanmar and China: Statement to UN Human Rights Council on Prevention of Genocide | Oral video statement

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Organization: Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada
Item: Item 3: Interactive Dialogue: Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide
Date: 28 June 2021
Speaker: Catherine Morris

Oral Statement to the 47th Session of the UN Human Rights Council from Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC), NGO in Special Consultative Status

Mme President;

Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada thanks the Special Advisor for her work. LRWC is disturbed by the lack of international political will to prevent genocide. This international law duty arises as soon as a State learns of a serious risk of genocide.[1] States – and UN bodies – must not wait until genocide is in progress to take action.

Genocides do not erupt suddenly. Atrocities are fostered by impunity for other violations.[2] Prevention of genocide requires States to ensure an independent judiciary,[3] a legal profession free to advocate clients’ rights without harassment,[4]  and a strong civil society.[5]

For decades, Myanmar authorities have persecuted lawyers,[6] defenders, and journalists, and have fostered discrimination and hatred against Rohingya people. NGOs and UN Special Procedures warned of escalating violations for years prior to the 2017 atrocities.[7] Genocide is reportedly ongoing.[8]

For years, China has suppressed information about rights violations. China thwarts access to remedies by persecuting lawyers, defenders, and journalists.[9] China’s suppression of truth facilitates its persecution and vilification[10] of ethnic and religious minorities. NGOs, scholars[11] and several States[12] are alleging genocide against Uyghur people.

There has been no lack of warning. What is missing is action. We urge Council members and observer States to apply targeted economic sanctions, arms embargos, and other concrete measures to halt these atrocities.

Thank you.


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