Ms. Griselda Tirado Evangelio, lawyer and activist (English)

Re: Ms. Griselda Tirado Evangelio, lawyer and activist, murdered August 6, 2003; the intimidation of Manuela Tirado Evangelio, Teresa Tirado Evangelio, Beatriz Evangelio, other siblings and children, August 11, 2003

To: Lic. Hector Reyes Pacheco Secretary of the Governor of Puebla

From: Jenna Virk

Date: 2003-11-10

Thank you for response to Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada’s (LRWC) letter dated October 29, 2003 concerning the murder of Ms. Griselda Tirado Evangelio.

We are pleased to hear that the investigation into Ms. Evangelio’s death is well underway and that investigators have determined that Ms Evangelio was murdered.

Have investigators identified any suspects or formulated any theories of why she was killed? LRWC shares your interest in seeing those responsible for Ms Evangelio’s death brought to justice.

LRWC continues to fear for the safety of Ms. Evangelio’s family. What security measure have been put in place to guarantee the family’s safety. Any information you could provide regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.

We hope that you will continue to provide us with information on this case as it progresses. Thank you very much for your time and efforts in responding to our letters.

We look forward to further correspondence from you.