LRWC Annual General Report 2013

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In 2012-2013 Annual Report discusses the work of LRWC which, in cooperation with other organizations, contributed to the following results:

  • Fourteen lawyers were released from jail in Turkey;
  • Sentences were reduced for 14 wrongfully convicted people in Cambodia;
  • Eleven unfairly disbarred lawyers were reinstated in Burma;
  • A lawyer was released in China;
  • Civil and criminal defamation suits were dismissed with costs in Costa Rica;
  • Protective measures were provided for lawyers threatened with death in Cameroon;
  • Judge Garzón was acquitted of malfeasance in Spain; and
  • A repressive NGO law was prevented from passing and remains under review in Bangladesh.
  • The UN Human Rights Council passed another resolution promoting accountability for war crimes in Sri Lanka.
  • The UN Committee against Torture, the Human Rights Committee and the Human Rights Council made recommendations suggested by LRWC and its partners.
  • Education and legal research provided individuals and NGOs with the tools to participate in advocating for the recognition, respect and full implementation of international human rights law locally and globally.