LAURA FIGUEROA – Lawyer, EMILIO FERRER – Federal court prosecutor

LRWC is concerned about threats to the safety of LRWC received information from Amnesty International that Laura Figueroa, a human rights lawyer, Fernanda Sanssone, an archaeology student, and Emilio Ferrer, a federal court prosecutor, all of whom are involved in the investigation of reported human rights violations within the Tucuman Province are under surveillance, their homes and offices have been ransacked, and they have received threats. AI reports that on October 20, 2002 four armed individuals broke into the house of Laura Figueroa, threatened her and informed her that her telephone line had been tapped.

LRWC is gravely concerned for the safety of Laura Figueroa, Emilio Ferrer, and Fernanda Sanssone and has called for an immediate, independent, and thorough investigation into the intimidation and threats of these individuals.