JUAN CARLOS GALVIS – Human Rights Advocate

JUAN CARLOS GALVIS – Human Rights Advocate, National Union of Food Industry Workers Vice-President

The area of Barrancabermeja is under siege by army backed paramilitaries that control entire sections of the city. These forces frequently accuse trade unionists of sympathising with guerrillas. As a result, trade unionists have been subject to harassment, torture and killings.

Juan Carlos Galvis is the vice president of SINALTRAINAL (National Union of Food Industry Workers). SINALTRAINAL members have faced numerous human rights violations. On August 22nd 2003, Mr. Galvis was traveling in a bullet proof vehicle when an identified man on a motorbike shot at his vehicle. The attack followed a public statement by the paramilitary group MASIN (Death to Trade Unionists), which declared its intention to kill trade union leaders and social activists in Barrancabermeja.