Guatemala: Iris Yassmin Barrios, Judge, and Conchita Mazariegos, Judge

On March 22nd, 2001 two grenades were thrown in the yard of Judge Iris Yassmin Barrios. On March 24th, 2001 shots were fired at the door of Judge Conchita Mazariegos’ home after she received threatening phone calls. These women are senior judges involved in a case involving members of Guatemala’s military including a former head of state. On March 21st, 2001 of the Constitutional Court, of which Judge Mazariegos is President, made a ruling that will expose General Efrain Rios Montt and other members of the ruling party to prosecution for corruption. [34/008/2001] LRWC sent letters to the President, Minister of Internal Affairs, Director General of Police, the Guatemala Ambassador to Canada as well as to newspapers and human rights organizations.