Francisco Lúcio França, Isabel Peres and José de Jesus Filho are involved in the prosecution of two police officers accused in the September 27, 2002 murder of Anderson do Carmo, 16, and Celso Gioelli Magalhães Júnior., 20, in Mongagúa municipality in São Paulo State. On March 21, 2005, after the first day of the trial, França and Filho were followed to their residence by two cars.

The two officers were acquitted of the charges on March 23, 2005 and released; the public prosecutor is appealing the verdict.

On March 25, 2005 França was approached, while shopping with a friend, by a man, who identified himself as “Lucio,” who claimed to be a police officer and member of a “death squad” (“grupo de extermínio”) which “carried out the dirty work of the police” (“fazia o serviço sujo da Policía”). The man told França “you should drop this case, or else you will die!” (“Vôce pare com o processo, se não vôce morre!”). The man also said he had come to São Paulo to identify two people.

On March 26, 2005, Isabel Peres was also followed to her residence by a car.

LRWC is concerned for the safety of these three individuals as well as that of key witnesses in the trial, who all live in Mongagúa, where the murders were committed and where the acquitted officers reside. LRWC has written several officials with the state government in São Paulo and with the Brazilian government requesting these individuals be offered appropriate protection and that a transparent and independent investigation into these threats be undertaken immediately.


Letter Written April 25, 2005 by P.G. Scambler; translation by Paulo de Tarso Lugon Arantes.