Evel Fanfan and other members of the AUMOHD

Evel Fanfan, male, human rights lawyer. Fanfan and his family have suffered further intimidation and harassment. Amnesty International is seriouslyconcerned that their lives continue to be at risk and believes that they are not receiving sufficient support and protection from the Haitian National Police. Other members of his organization, Association of University Graduates Motivated for a Haiti with Rights (AUMOHD), may also be in serious danger.

On 14 October 2006, at 10am a Jeep-style vehicle with blacked-out windows and no license plates was parked outside the AUMOHD office. Inside the vehicle four unknown individuals wearing dark glasses could be seen observing the AUMOHD office. The Haitian police were contacted but reportedly no action was taken. The same vehicle had passed slowly by the office on several occasions on 7 October just before midday.

Evel Fanfan’s family have also been subjected to intimidation. On 28 September an unknown individual went to his seven-year-old son’s school, apparently with the intention of abducting the boy.

Colin Reginal, male, Deputy Executive Secretary of AUMOHD. Montes Plaisimé, male, Public Relations Officer of AUMOHD. Reginal and Plaisime may also be at risk as they have been directly involved in judicial proceedings concerning massacres in the neighbourhoods of Martissant and Grand Ravine, allegedly perpetrated by an armed group with the help of police officers. Human rights activist Bruner Esterne was murdered on 21 September, apparently because he was an eyewitness to one of these massacres (please see original UA).


Letter by Morris A. Chochla was sent on October 26, 06