Catherine Morris | LRWC Executive Director

Catherine Morris, BA (Alberta) 1974, JD (Alberta) 1978, LLM (UBC) 2001, was appointed Executive Director of Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada on 1 June 2020. Ms. Morris agreed to serve as Executive Director in a pro bono capacity during LRWC’s transition from the longstanding leadership of its founder, Gail Davidson.

Ms. Morris is also a Research Associate of the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives at the University of Victoria, Canada. She has taught graduate level courses in international human rights, negotiation and conflict studies at universities in Canada, Southeast Asia and Europe. She is a former Executive Director of the UVic Institute for Dispute Resolution. She serves as the founding director of Peacemakers Trust, a Canadian charity for research and education on conflict transformation and peacebuilding. Ms. Morris has been involved in the planning and presentation of workshops for senior officials, civil society leaders, academics, and professionals in several countries in Asia, South America and Africa. Her research and writing has resulted in publications and papers on human rights, dispute resolution, and the role of religion in peacebuilding.

Over a 20-year period as a volunteer for LRWC, Ms. Morris has authored or contributed to numerous LRWC statements and reports. She serves as LRWC’s Main Representative at the United Nations Human Rights Council. She is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia (non-practicing as of 2021) and the Canadian Bar Association.