Egypt: Remedy Unlawful Arrest, Detention, and Conviction of Lawyer Mohamed Ramadan | Letter

Full PDF Version Thursday, April 20, 2017 Abdel Fattah el-Sisi President of Egypt Abdeen Palace El-Gomhoreya Square Rahbet Abdin, Abdeen Cairo, Egypt Mohamed Hossam Abdel-Rahim Minister of Justice Lazoghly Square, Ministry of Justice Cairo, Egypt Email: … [Read more...]

Egypt: Canadian Journalist Mohamed Fahmy | Letter

Full PDF Version This letter implores the Canadian government to take personal and immediate action to secure Mr. Fahmy’s deportation to Canada. … [Read more...]

Egypt: Letter Calling for Mr. Mohamad Fahmy’s Release from Prison and Return to Canada | Letter

Full PDF Version Hundreds of individuals endorsed a letter calling on the Prime Minister of Canada to ensure that journalist Mohamad Fahmy is released from prison in Egypt and returned to Canada. Mohamad Fahmy was convicted in Egypt of charges that criminalize freedoms of expression and … [Read more...]

Egypt: Arrest and Detention of Human Rights Defenders | Letter

Full PDF Version February 4, 2011 Vice President: H.E. Omar Suleiman 'Abedine Palace Cairo, Egypt Fax:   011 202 2 390 1998  or  011 202 2 795 8016 Minister of Defence: H.E. Field Marshal Muhammad Tantawi Ministry of Defence 23 Al Khalifa Al Ma'moun Street Cairo, Egypt Fax: … [Read more...]