Canada’s Failure to Support UNDRIP

Canada’s Failure to Support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: an intersectional analysis of the repercussions as seen through the inter-woven lenses of women’s rights, environmental rights, and poverty alleviation by Heidi Fraser-Kruck … [Read more...]

Philippines: Extra-judicial killings and disappearances

Extra-Judicial Killings of Jurists in the Philippines The Dutch Lawyers for Lawyers Foundation (L4L) published a report, From Facts to Action: Report on the Attack Against Filipino Lawyers and Judges, compiled by two Dutch judges and six Dutch and Belgian lawyers, on the unsolved murders of … [Read more...]

Mexico: MANUEL GOMEZ HERNANDEZ –human rights defender

Manuel Gómez Hernandez, male, human rights defender has been threatened, allegedly by a judge from the municipality of Zinacantán, in an apparent attempt to stop him carrying out his legitimate and peaceful activities as a human rights defender. Amnesty International fears that he may be in … [Read more...]

Ecuador: Julio Marcelo Prieto Mendez Guadalupe de Heredia, Alejandro Ponce Villacis, and four others

Julio Marcelo Prieto Méndez, male, member of a legal team representing indigenous communities taking legal action against the multinational oil company Chevron Texaco for failing to clean up the pollution allegedly caused by decades of drilling in Sucumbios. On May 19th, 2006 Julio Marcelo Prieto … [Read more...]

Guadalupe de Heredia, Alejandro Ponce Villacis, Julio Marcelo Prieto Mendez, and others

Re: Guadalupe de Heredia, Alejandro Ponce Villacis, Julio Marcelo Prieto Mendez, and others, members of the legal team representing indigenous communities in legal action against Chevron Texaco To: Dr. Felipe Vega de la Cuadra (Minister) From: Isabel Stramwasser Date: 2006-08-02 Lawyers’ … [Read more...]

Colombia: MEMBERS OF CODHES, COMPROMISO and the Colectivo de Abogados “Alvear Restrepo”

Paramilitaries have sent a death threat by email to a human rights organization based in the city of Bucaramanga, in the department of Santander. Amnesty International believes its staff are in danger. The email was sent on May 17th, 2006 to the Corporación “COMPROMISO”, which works to promote … [Read more...]

Mexico: Ernesto Ledesma Arronte – Human rights defender

Ernesto Ledesma Arronte, director and founder member of human rights organization Centro de Análisis Político e Investigaciones Sociales y Económicas (CAPISE – Centre for Political Analysis and Social and Economic Research) in the state of Chiapas, is reportedly being intimidated because of his … [Read more...]

Ecuador: Accion Ecologica

Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada has expressed grave concern for the safety of the staff of Accion Ecologica (Environmental Action), a well-known Ecuadorian environmental NGO whose offices in the capital, Quito, were reportedly burgled on 22 May 2005. Accion Ecologica is known internationally for its … [Read more...]

Honduras: FELICIANO PINEDA – Lenca Indigenous Community Leader, Mr. Pineda’s wife, and other Indigenous Community Leaders in Gracias Municipality, Lempira Department

On 5 June 2005, indigenous community leader Feliciano Pineda was attacked and seriously injured by four men wielding machetes who are believed to be linked to a local powerful landowning family. The attackers also threatened to kill Mr. Pineda’s wife. Mr. Pineda was taken to hospital, but … [Read more...]


ABOUT THE MYRNA MACK CASE Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang, a Guatemalan anthropologist investigating military atrocities in rural indigenous communities, was stabbed to death 27 times outside her office on September 11, 1990. According to Amnesty International, her murder occurred after the … [Read more...]