ATTACKING DEFENDERS: The Criminalization of Human Rights Advocacy

FULL PDF ATTACKING DEFENDERS: THE CRIMINALIZATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY A guide to international law rights of human rights defenders Foreword After 13 years of negotiation, the United Nations Declaration on human rights defenders was adopted in 1998, recognizing and enshrining the … [Read more...]

Turkey: Release Lawyer Turan Canpolat from Unlawful Detention | Joint Letter

Full PDF (ENG) Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada on 15 May 2020 endorsed a letter with eleven other human rights organizations calling on for the release of lawyer Turan Canpolat, detained without trial for more than four years in violation of international human rights law binding on … [Read more...]

Cambodia: Civil society seeks changes to State of Emergency Law to comply with international human rights law | Joint Statement

Full PDF (ENG) | Full PDF (Khmer) Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada on 13 May 2020 endorsed a joint statement of more than 60 Cambodian civil society organizations and community groups outlining concerns about Cambodia's recently passed State of Emergency Law and calling on the Royal Government of … [Read more...]

Turkey: International law obligations to release Lawyers and others Illegally Imprisoned | Letter

Full PDF (ENG) LRWC calls for the immediate release of prisoners unlawfully detained and convicted under anti-terrorism laws. As those convicted under these provisions were denied internationally protected rights essential to a fair trial, there is no legal justification for their detention. … [Read more...]

Yemen: Overturn Death Sentence of Four Journalists Say Over 150 NGOs | Joint Statement

Full PDF (ENG) / Full PDF (ARA) / Full PDF (FRE) / Full PDF (SPA) Human right NGOs call on United Nations mechanisms and member states  to help save the lives of four Yemeni journalists who were sentenced to death in April 2020 in the capital Sana’a on charges of “spying” and “spreading false … [Read more...]

Hong Kong: Arrest and Prosecution of Pro-Democracy Figures Contravenes International Law Obligations | Letter

Full PDF May 12, 2020 Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor Chief Executive of Hong Kong Office of the Chief Executive 1 Tim Wa Avenue Tamar, Hong Kong Email: Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah Secretary of Justice for Hong Kong Department of Justice 5th floor, Main Wing, Justice … [Read more...]

COVID19: The Survival of Indigenous Peoples is at Risk

Link to Statement Over 20 organizations urge governments across the Americas to adopt culturally appropriate, timely and effective responses to guarantee the rights of indigenous peoples in the face of the pandemic April 21, 2020. In the face of the emergency caused by the spread of … [Read more...]

China: Released Chinese rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang finally reunites with family … [Read more...]

Thailand: ICJ and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada intervene in criminal defamation proceeding against Thai journalist Suchanee Rungmuanporn (Cloitre) | Amicus Brief

Full Amicus Brief (English) | Full Amicus Brief (Thai) On 27 April 2020, Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) submitted a joint amicus curiae brief to Thailand’s Court of Appeal in the appeal from conviction for criminal defamation of journalist, Ms. … [Read more...]

China: Wang Quanzhang should be free to join his family | Joint Statement

Full PDF Version (English) Full PDF Version (Chinese) Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang endured more than 1200 days of arbitrary detention in the absence of any due process and in January 2019 was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Wang was released on 5 April 2020 … [Read more...]