CARLOS CUASACE SURUBI – Political Activist

There have been several reports of threats against the legal advisors and leaders of indigenous organizations involved in an ongoing land dispute in the territory of Monte Verde. On October 18th 1996, the President of the Republic of Bolivia officially recognized the territory of Monte Verde. However, the process has still not been completed even though a number of years have passed, during which there have been clashes between private individuals who want land in the territory and the indigenous communities with constitutional land claims. On April 28th 2003 two indigenous leaders Carlos Cuasace Surubi, President of the Chiquitana Indigenous Organization (OICH), and Juan Pinto, President of the Indigenous Centre of Communities of Concepcion (CICC), received a death threat from an individual following a meeting at the OICH office in the town of Concepcion. There have also been attacks and death threats against lawyers and legal aid workers from the non-governmental organization Centro de Estudios Juridicos e Investigacion Social (CEJIS). LRWC is concerned for the safety of these individuals.