Canada/USA: Boyle/Coleman Family Rescued


Announcing the very happy news of the release of Joshua Boyle, Caitlan Coleman and their three infant children. Boyle and Coleman were taken hostage in Afghanistan by the Haqqani network in October 2012. The three children were born in captivity. LRWC has been lobbying for their safe release.

LRWC Work – LRWC produced a report by Catherine Morris on the plight of the Boyle/Coleman family that outlines Canada’s duty to act to secure their safe release and the pattern of past failure to provide protection for Canadians abroad illegally deprived of liberty. An embargoed copy of Canadian Child Hostages Oversees: The Ultimate Commodity was released to government authorities and some media in August and the report was publically released on 11 September 2017. LRWC also delivered an oral statement to the UN Human Rights Council inGeneva on 22 September on the Boyle/Coleman case and the need for all states to ensure protection for victims of hostage-taking and extra-legal detention. (Hostages and other illegally-detained persons entitled to protection and advocacy).  The report and the oral statement are the excellent work of Catherine Morris, LRWC Director of UN Participation. LRWC will continue work on efforts to entrench rights to protection for victims of hostage taking and illegal detention.

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