On August 1st, 2002, Cameron Ward was arrested in Vancouver while attending a public event in Chinatown. Reports indicated that Mr. Ward was handcuffed, searched by three police officers, held in custody for five hours and finally released without charge. Mr. Ward’s car was seized from the street and impounded by the VPD, apparently on suspicion that there might have been a pie in the trunk. The VPD said that Mr. Ward’s arrest was occasioned by a mistake as to Mr. Ward’s identity and that the arresting officer(s) arrested Mr. Ward because he fit the description of a man whom the officer believed might throw a pie at the Prime Minister. Mr. Ward is well known to the VPD as a lawyer who has acted against the VPD, the Prime Minister and the RCMP in the well-publicized RCMP APEC Inquiry and in various civil actions.


Letter written on August 7, 2002

Update – 11 September 2002 The VPD indicated that a Police Act investigation of Mr. Ward’s arrest and detention was being conducted by the Abbottsford Police Department under the oversight of the Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner. Mr. Ward has initiated civil proceedings.