Zimbabwe: Bishop Kadenge, Church Leader

Re: Bishop Kadenge, Church Leader

To: Mr. Khembo Mohadi, Ministry of Home Affairs

From: Charles B. Davison, LWRC member

Date: 2006-07-05

I am writing concerning the case and situation of Bishop Kadenge (a Minister with the Methodist Church Harare West District) who is presently under threat of death from persons who have identified themselves as being state agents. Bishop Kadenge is the Convenor of the Christian Alliance and in that capacity has received threats from persons who have telephoned him and have identified themselves as agents connected to the President’s Office.

As you know from my past letters, I am writing as a member and on behalf of Lawyers Rights Watch Canada, which is an organization concerned with the violation and infringement of the rights of all human rights defenders around the world. We are extremely disturbed by the harassment of and threats against Bishop Kadenge, which, as has been the case in relation to similar situations involving other human rights defenders, seem to be tolerated, if not outright condoned and supported, by your government. As you known, citizens of any state are recognized under international law to have the right to criticize and to peacefully oppose the policies and decisions of their governments and political parties.

We call upon you to immediately and unconditionally cease the harassment and intimidation aimed at Bishop Kadenge, in all of its various forms. Further, we call for the end of all harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders in Zimbabwe, and for you to take the appropriate steps to ensure that the rights of all persons in your country are respected and protected.