Nepal lawyers Bal Krishna Devkota and Chananjay Khanal were reported to have been arrested at their homes on the evening of February 21st 2004 and were then held incommunicado. Three people in plain clothes, who identified themselves as security forces personnel, reportedly came to Bal Krishna’s house in Ward no. 2, Sitapaila, Kathmandu District, asked to see his identity card, searched his house, and then took him away for further questioning. Bal Krishna Devkota’s wife reports that she called his mobile telephone the next day and was told by someone who did not identify himself that her husband was sleeping. When she tried to call again, the following morning, the telephone was switched off.

At around the same time as Bal Krishna Devkota’s arrest, 12 men in plain clothes reportedly surrounded Dhananjay Khanal’s home, in Ward no. 2, Sanepa, Lalitpur District. Four of them went into the house, claiming to be security forces personnel. Witnesses report that they handcuffed Dhananjay Khanal, put a hood over his head and took him away.

Amnesty International reports that Bal Krishna Devkota and Chananjay Khanal appear to have been arrested because of their involvement as defense counsel for people arrested under the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Control and Punishment) Act (TADA).


Letter written February 26, 2004 by LRWC member Heather D. Neun, B.A., M.Phil., LL.B..


Amnesty International reported that Bal Krishna Devkota and Dhananjay Khanal were released on February 26th 2004.