BAHAREH HEDAYET – Human Rights Leader for Tahkim-e Vadat

Ms. Bahareh Hedayet, a women’s rights defender, was condemned to a two year suspended sentence on 26 May 2007 by a Revolutionary Court for “acting against national security by participating in an illegal gathering.”

Ms. Bahareh Hedayet is the leader of the human rights section of the Tahkim-e Vadat student organization and a member of the One Million Signatures campaign, an effort to raise awareness on women’s rights issues. This sentence resulted from peaceful participation in a women’s rights rally.


Letter by Tina Parbhakar sent on May 31, 2007


After being released on her suspended sentence, Ms. Bahareh Hedayet was subsequently imprisoned on 9 July 2007 after participating in a gathering intended to mark the violent attacks against the student movement in Tehran in 1999. She was released on 9 August 2007 upon payment of a “high bail”.