Burma: AYE MYINT – Lawyer

Lawyer, Aye Myint from Pegu, Burma was detained for allegedly supplying the International Labour Organisation (ILO) with false information. On 10th October, 2005 Myint was taken to nearby Daik-U Township court for trial.

Members of local authorities and Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) who usually stand on the side of the authorities, testified as witnesses that Aye Myint is innocent of the charges and that he was arrested unlawfully.

The assistant commander of Daik-U Township police force Win Tin Oo arrested and charged Aye Myint with Emergency Provision Act 5C.

The case started with the township authority, the army, army veteran organizations and the army supply corps confiscating 492 acres of the farmers lands and giving them back only 123 acres. The farmers reported the incident to Rangoon-based ILO official Richard Horsey through the help of Aye Myint, who acted as their legal representative. Horsey told DVB that he has been discussing the matter with Burmese authorities concerned and that his organization is doing its best to sort matters out.

According to Aye Myint’s lawyer San Aung, Win Tin Oo accused Aye Myint of forcing the farmers from Phaungdawthi Village to write a false report to the ILO on 6th May, 2005 to proclaim their alleged dissatisfaction with the re-distribution of land.


Letter by Paul Copeland sent on Oct 25, 2005