Defending Defenders Around the World: An Invitation to join Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada and support its work

LRWC invites lawyers, law students and others to become members of Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada and to support its work through donations  LRWC members defend the rule of law and human rights advocates around the world The work done by LRWC is made possible by the pro bono work of members, … [Read more...]

Turkey: Lawyers Levent Pişkin, Cahit Kırkazak and Ayşe Batumlu acquitted | Welcome developments

Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada welcomes news that a Turkish court has acquitted eleven people including lawyers Levent Pişkin, Cahit Kırkazak, and Ayşe Batumlu, on all charges of membership in a terrorist organization and terror propaganda. In July 2019, LRWC was among 17 international legal … [Read more...]

International Human Rights Day: An overview of the UN Human Rights System | Webinar on 10 December 2020

Pre-Register Here Organized and hosted by Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada 12:30-2:00 pm Pacific | 3:30-5:00 pm Eastern) Free of charge (donations welcomed to cover costs) 1.5 hours of Substantive CPD credits (Ontario and British Columbia) (scroll down for more information) 2020 is the 70th … [Read more...]

United States v. Steven Donziger: Report of Monitors of a hearing in New York, 5 October 2020

Full report .pdf (EN) Report of monitors: United States v. Steven Donziger, No. 19-CR-561 (LAP); 11-CIV-691 (LAK), United States Federal Court, South New York Trial Division Pilot Project to establish International Monitoring Panels to Evaluate Trials in the United States (IMPETUS) Monitors’ … [Read more...]

ATTACKING DEFENDERS: The Criminalization of Human Rights Advocacy | now available at CanLII

Free .pdf download | Now available on CanLii Foreword by Michel Forst Press release Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada is pleased to announce that ATTACKING DEFENDERS: THE CRIMINALIZATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY A guide to international law rights of human rights defenders is now available on … [Read more...]

Cambodia: Lack of independent courts and misuse of laws to crackdown on dissenters | Oral video statement to UN Human Rights Council

Full PDF (ENG) See video recording  of LRWC statement See the full Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapport on Human Rights in Cambodia Video Intervention: Check against delivery Organization: Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada Item: Item 10: Interactive Dialogue, Special Rapporteur on … [Read more...]

Yemen conflict: Cease arms transfers by Canada, France, Iran, US & UK | Oral video statement to UN Human Rights Council

Full text of the oral video statement (.pdf) (ENG) Full oral video statement Full Interactive Dialogue with the Group of Experts on Yemen Video Intervention: Check against delivery  Organization: Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada Item: Item 2: Interactive Dialogue, Group of Experts on … [Read more...]

Turkey: Mass arrest of lawyers in Ankara, Turkey | Joint Statement

Full PDF (ENG) Joint Statement on the Arrest of 48 Lawyers and 7 Intern Lawyers in Ankara, Turkey Through the new “alternative bar associations” legislation and President Erdogan’s own words “Those who act as the lawyers of terrorists may not act like terrorists themselves. If they do so, … [Read more...]

Turkey: Lawyer Aytaç Ünsal ends hunger strike after Supreme Court releases him from prison | Update

LRWC has been advised that Turkish lawyer Aytaç Ünsal called off his hunger strike on 4 September following a stay of his detention order until he has recovered. The order was granted by Turkey's Supreme Court on 3 September due to his state of health. His treatment by independent physicians has … [Read more...]

Turkey: Lawyer Ebru Timtuk has died while fasting to demand a fair trial | Update

Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada is deeply saddened by the death of Turkish lawyer Ms. Ebru Timtik on 27 August 2020 after 238 days of fasting to strengthen her demand for a fair trial for herself and hundreds of other Turkish lawyers detained for lawfully performing their roles as lawyers. Ebru … [Read more...]