Mexico: ARTURO REQUENSES GALNARES – Human Rights Defender for ACAT

Arturo Requenses Galnares is a human rights defender for Acción de los Cristianos para la Abolición de la Tortura, (ACAT), Christian Action for the Abolition of Torture. Galnares has been working on several cases involving disappearances and allegations of torture in Mexico and has called for an investigation into the murder of Digna Ochoa.[ ] He, and a relative of someone who had possibly “disappeared”, were able to gain access with a judicial order to a unit of the Agencia Federal de Investigaciones, (AFI), Federal Agency of Investigations, in order to gain information on the whereabouts of the victim.

On July 16, 2002 he noticed six men in an unmarked van with blacked-out windows slowly drive past his home. On July 17th he received a message on his mobile phone which consisted of a gun being cocked. [AMR 41/026/2002] This case is yet another example of the sad fact that those involved in protecting human rights in Mexico continue to be the target of threats and harassment.


Letter Written July 24, 2002


Ricardo Sepulveda, Director of Human Rights with the Mexican Government, has responded to LRWC. He has assured LRWC a full investigation into the matter was conducted and the proper security measures are now in place for the protection of Mr. Galnares.