Antonio Fernandez Saez – lawyer

Antonio Fernandez Saez, lawyer with dual Spanish and Brazilian citizenship, provides legal assistance to the socially deprived inhabitants of the Jardim Lavinia, Silvinha & Montanhao neighborhoods in Sao Bernardo do Campo. He also provides voluntary legal support to the human rights chapter of the Pentecostal & Apostolic Church of the Mission of Jesus in Sao Paulo.

On Sept. 3rd, 2005, several military officers forced their way into Saez’s office in Sao Bernardo do Campo & took several documents containing statements by local residents accusing civil and military policy of human rights violations including torture, extortion and the sexual assault of children.

The next day, Saez and his wife Jussara Barbato, reported the robbery to the military police. Through threats and other forms of intimidation, the police attempted to dissuade Saez from filing a complaint. As a result, Saez, accompanied by his brothers, went to a second police station of Sao Bernardo do Campo to file a complaint. The civil police officer on duty there, allegedly called Saez and his brothers, “defenders of criminals,” in addition to other offensive & intimidating statements made by the same officer and twelve supporting officers. Saez and his brothers, were then forced to sign a number of documents and were held for more than ten hours. On Sept. 4th, 2005 they were charged with “disobedience” and “disrespect of authority” before finally being released.

Upon his release, Saez was eventually able to file a complaint to the local police commissioner, regarding the unlawful entry to and the theft of documents from his office. Amnesty International has been informed that Saez & his brothers, continue to receive anonymous threatening phone calls, urging them to drop the complaint.


Letter by Paulo de Tarso Lugon Arantes, in Portuguese pertaining to this case, October 5, 2005.