ADRIANA CUÉLLAR – Journalist with Corporación Colectivo de Abogados ‘José Alvear Restrepo’, ‘José Alvear Restrepo’ Lawyers’ Collective

On November 24, 2003 between 2:13 and 2:22 p.m. three messages were left on Adriana Cuéllar’s home answering machine. The messages contained threats such as: “Hijueputa bocona…”, “te vas a morir,” “nos las arreglaremos junto consu familia,” (“big mouth son of a bitch…”, “you are going to die,” “we’re going to sort you and your family out”. [AMR 23/073/2003].

The next day, November 25, 2003, between 8:15 and 10:00 a.m., Cuéllar’s home was robbed. Her personal documents were searched and some valuables were stolen.

This is not the first time attempts were made to intimidate Cuéllar, or other members of the Lawyers’ Collective. On October 24, 2003 Cuéllar and one of the lawyers from the collective were filmed and photographed by unknown men near the collective’s office. Death threats have also been made against members of the collective on several occasions. [AMR 23/073/2003].

LRWC has written several Columbian officials requesting that proper action be taken to protect Ms. Cuéllar and other members of the Lawyers’ Collective and that a full investigation into these events be undertaken.


Letter Written December 9, 2003