3rd International Caravana of Lawyers 2012 – Lawyers in Colombia need your help

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Sin Abogados, No Hay Justicia!  Without Lawyers, there is no Justice!

In Colombia, being a lawyer can be a matter of life and death. This is a country where lawyers are the victims – where 334 lawyers have been killed in the last decade, but just a handful of the perpetrators have been brought to trial. Lawyers involved in the defence of human rights are often stigmatized as being guerillas; receive frequent threats; have to travel in armoured vehicles for their own protection. It’s a country where secret service officers provided by the government for the lawyers’ protection tap their phones and obtain confidential solicitor-client information from their computers.

To learn more, see the report of the second international lawyers’ delegation to Colombia or visit the Colombia Caravana UK Lawyers Group website.

You can help: please make a personal donation or solicit a donation from your law firm, so that LRWC can send its lawyer delegate to the 3rd International Caravana to Colombia in August. The Caravana will investigate, monitor and bring pressure to bear on this reality. Without lawyers, there is no justice for Colombians and no rule of law!

Funding target in $
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  • Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie – Social Justice Fund $400
  • CUPE local 1004 $250
  • Vancouver Friends Monthly Meeting (Quakers) $500
  • Jane Henderson $100
  • Rush Crane Guenther $250
  • David F. Sutherland $250
  • Patsy George $50
  • Leo McGrady $250
  • Peggy Stanier $240
  • Morris Chochla $100
  • Anthony Des Lauriers $130
  • Catherine Morris $100
  • Darlene Kavka $100
  • Heather Neun $100
  • Gail Davidson $50
  • Add your name and help get us to $3,000