The Right to Dissent: International law obligations to respect, protect and fulfill the right to participate in public affairs by engaging in criticism, opposition and dissent | Advance Edition for Consulation

Full PDF Version (Advance Edition)

This Guide to the Right to Dissent has been developed for the purpose of promoting the rule of law through enhancing knowledge and awareness of international human rights law concerning the rights to participate in public affairs by engaging in public debate, criticism, opposition and dissent. It is anticipated that access to this knowledge by a broad range of users—including lawyers, activists, human rights workers, police, judges, government officials and interested members of the public—will enable and promote better compliance with international standards.

The Guidebook explains the international legal standards and underlying principles and interpretations of the standards that comprise the international legal framework for the right to dissent and protest. It includes observations, jurisprudence, comments and recommendations from UN treaty bodies; opinions and recommendations of Special Procedures of the HRC; and jurisprudence from regional courts and bodies, including the ECtHR, the IACtHR, the IACHR and the ACHPR.