China: Submissions to the Universal Periodic Review of China | Reports

PDF of LRWC's submissions to the UPR of China LAWYERS FOR LAWYERS (L4L) AND LAWYERS’ RIGHTS WATCH CANADA (LRWC) JOINT UPR SUBMISSION – PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, MARCH 2013 1.   Lawyers for Lawyers (hereinafter ‘L4L’) and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (‘LRWC’) submit this report on the state of … [Read more...]

Submission to the 16th Session of the Universal Periodic Review on the State of Freedom of Expression in Canada

Full report (pdf) On October 9, 2012, LRWC, in collaboration with the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, the Centre for Law and Democracy, and PEN Canada submitted their report on the state of freedom of expression in Canada to … [Read more...]

Universal Periodic Review of China: No Independent Courts

Full report: UN Human Rights Council: Universal Periodic Review of China: No Independent Courts by LRWC This report details the complete failure of the rule of law2in China through: a. the absence of an independent judiciary and the required safeguards that would enable lawyers and other human … [Read more...]