Prisoners: The Right to Medical Treatment – Summary of Preliminary Research | Report

Full PDF Version Prisoners: The Right to Medical Treatment Summary of Preliminary Research Prisoners have a right to receive medical treatment. By arresting and detaining a person, the State takes full responsibility at international law for providing health care to ensure their lives and wellbeing.[1] While prisoners generally do not have a right to choose a specific medical treatment,[2] international human rights law requires State authorities to provide the most appropriate … [Read More...]


First Nations’ Rights Speaker Series: The Gap between Law and Practice – Justice for Children | Poster

Full PDF Version … [Read More...]

Sudan: Detention of Farouk Abu Issa and Dr. Amin Maki Madani | Letter

Full PDF Version In this letter, Lawyers Rights Watch Canada urges the authorities of Sudan to: either immediately release these detainees or charge them with recognizable crimes and grant pre- trial release; guarantee in all circumstances the physical and psychological integrity of the detainees; reveal their location and give them access to lawyers of their choosing, to medical treatment and to their families; ensure that the detainees are not subject to torture or any … [Read More...]

Columbia: Legitimacy of David Ravelo Crespo’s Conviction Questioned | Joint Statement

Full PDF Version (Spanish)  | Full PDF Version (English) LRWC joined twenty-six NGOs to publish a statement to the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia, expressing international concern about the conviction of David Ravelo Crespo for aggravated murder and calling on the Court to carefully consider the international community's concerns in this important case. It is widely believed that Mr. Ravelo's prosecution was politically motivated, as a result of his work as a human rights … [Read More...]

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LRWC Newsletter: November 2014 Edition

LRWC Action News | Education Events | Notable Decision | LRWC Members Contributing Pro Bono in November | LRWC Airmiles Full PDF Version ACTION NEWS BAHRAIN Nabeel Rajab released - On 2 November, the Third Lower Criminal Court ordered the release of Nabeel Rajab and announced that the verdict on the case would be released on 20 January 2015. The Court ordered Rajab’s release without conditions and then hours later, on the application of the prosecutor and in the absence of Rajab … [Read More...]