Dr. Ed Levy | Board of Directors

Dr. Ed Levy Ph.D., taught philosophy of science at the University of British Columbia from 1967 to 1987, at which point he joined the biotechnology company, QLT Inc.  Ed served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development of QLT, which developed the first medical treatment for macular … [Read more...]

Gavin Magrath | Board of Directors

Gavin Magrath is a Toronto-based lawyer whose private practice focuses on Canadian litigation liability arising out of international transportation and logistics activities. He has represented forwarders, carriers, ship owners, and cargo interests in litigation and dispute resolution and has … [Read more...]

Siobhan Airey | Board of Directors

  Siobhan Airey is completing her doctorate in law at the University of Ottawa on the international governance of Official Development Assistance or development aid. She has worked as a professional research and social policy consultant, and in international development. She was the planning … [Read more...]

Gary Anandasangaree | Board of Directors

Gary Anandasangaree came to Canada as a refugee in 1983. His memories, personal history as well as that of his community inform and animate his engagement with human rights work locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. Gary is both human rights activist and lawyer: for more than twenty … [Read more...]

Series: First Nations’ Rights: The Gap Between Law and Practice | Vancouver, January 24, 2013

Debunking the Doctrine of Discovery: Colonial Excuse for the Seizure of Land and the Oppression of Peoples Medieval European law allowed a monarch to claim any land discovered by one of his subjects if it was occupied by non-Christians. In the 16th century, war against Native Americans was … [Read more...]